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Overall Conference Schedule
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Monday, August 6 2012
Strands Housing: The Key to Community Living Quality Management Challenges and Solutions The Journey from Traditional Services to Person-Centered Supports Supporting Individuals by Strengthening Families Supporting Communities That Welcome All People - Asset Based Community Development Person Centered Planning and Support Improving Quality through Managed Care Direct Support Workforce Issues Employment Issues Evidence Based Policy: What Does the Research Tell Us about Public Policy?
Strand Chairs Diane Dressler, Chris Smith Val Bradley Jeff Strully Nancy Thaler and Sheli Reynolds Angela Amado and Eric Jacobson Mary Lou Bourne, Michael Smull Lilia Teninty and Diane McComb Amy Hewitt Derek Nord Chas Moseley
Monday Morning
10:45 - 12:15
No Cooking Skills Needed:  Using Existing Resources to Put Together a Self-Directed Life Reforming and Enhancing Quality Assurance and Improvement Systems The Next Generation of Supports: In Partnership with People with Disabilities, Their Families and Communities Strategies for Families for Discovery and Navigation Building Real Communities Person Centered Practice – Far More than a Person Centered Plan Federal Panel on Managed Care Quality Services= Quality DSPs Employment: What Do We Know About How It's Working? Using Data to Improve Effectiveness  
Diane Dressler, Annie Heinlein, Mary Scott Courtney Burke, Pat Nichols Gail Godwin, Marian Saulino John Dickerson, Sheli Reynolds Eric Jacobson, Caitlin Childs, Joe Erpenbeck, De’Amon Harges, and Anne Mitchell  Mary Lou Bourne, Laura Doutre, Mary Lee Fay, David Meadows, Lee Price, Barry Seaver Julie Carroll, Nancy Klimon, Tim Engelhardt Amy Hewitt, Joe MacBeth John Butterworth, Linda Rolfe, Sarah Taub  
Monday Afternoon
1:45 - 3:15
Power of Partnerships in Creating Person Centered Housing Resources The Impact of Olmstead Lawsuits on State Quality Management Systems Transforming to Support People to Live Real Lives as Citizens Families Connecting and Networking with Other Families Communities Include Everyone Leadership Roles and Person Centered Thinking Coaches Planning the People First Waiver in New York: One State's Experience and Lessons 2010 Moving Mountains: Best Practices in Direct Support Workforce Advancing Innovations in Employment Supports through State Leadership  
Joe Wykowski Marion Olivier, Lee Price, Eddie Towson Pat Fratangelo, Patti Scott John Kramer, Dana Yarbrough De'Amon Harges, Caitlin Childs Mary Lee Bell, Michael Smull, Jo Viars, Kathy Witt Commissioner Courtney Burke, Max Donatelli, John Maltby, Peter Pierri, Lisa Severino, Steven Vernikoff Jennifer Cottingham, Kris Foss, Trish Walter Jane Gallivan, Frank Kirkland, Adam Sass; Rie Kennedy-Lizotte, Moderator  
Monday Afternoon
3:30 - 5:15
  Enhancing Performance at the Provider Level How to Eat a Dinosaur: Changing the Culture of an Organization to Move Towards Personalization and Individualization Supporting Families Who Provide Day to Day Supports Neighborhoods, Connections and Care - the Practices that Help Us Connect Building a Person Centered System: The Importance of Alignment Improving Managed Care Outcomes Through Advocacy 2011 Moving Mountains: Best Practices in Direct Support Workforce Innovative Employment Practices: What’s Working!? Using Research Data to Build and Implement Effective Public Policy
  Jennifer Becher, Jim Gardner, Ronda Schelske Carol Beatty, Steve Blanks, Jeff Strully Isabel Hodges, Jill Kagan Anne Mitchell, Joe Erpenbeck, Roger Stancliffe Parthy Dinora, Laura Doutre Dennis Heaphy, Leo Sarkissian Julie Price, Lynn Rivas, Carrie Turner Bryan Barnhart, Susan Barnhart, Rachel Knight, Marie Parker; Derek Nord, Moderator Amy Hewitt, Chas Moseley, Kathy Sheppard-Jones
Tuesday, August 7 2012
Strands Re-thinking Supports for Individuals with Behavioral Health Needs More from Our Plenary Speakers! Federal Initiatives to Expand and Improve Supports for People with Disabilities Quality Management Challenges and Solutions (cont'd - one session) Self Advocacy Shared Living Transition Issues Evolving a Shared Reseach Agenda Technology  
Strand Chairs Sarah Taub   Nancy Thaler Val Bradley Dawn Rudolph, Liz Weintraub Robin Cooper Karen Flippo Amy Hewitt Amy Hewitt, David Braddock  
Tuesday Morning
8:30 - 10
Behavioral Supports Policies and Practices Across States Giving Voice to Quality Lives: Telling Our Best Stories The Role of Medicaid: A Chance to Dialogue with Senior CMS Officials The CQL Personal Outcome Measures®: 20 Years of Accomplishments Allies in Self-Advocacy - What Does it Take? Shared Living: A New Way of Providing Supports that's as Old as Time! The Opportunities of Post Secondary Education The State of the Science in ID/DD: Seeking Perspectives from Policy Makers and Advocates Recent Advancements in Technology Applications in Developmental Disabilities  
Alexandra Bonardi, Chas Moseley, David Rotholz Beth Mount Jennifer Burnett, Ralph Lollar Nancy Thaler: Moderator Cathy Ficker-Terrill, Becky Hansen, Jim Gardner Ken Capone, Liz Weintraub; Dawn Rudolph, Moderator Jack Kinsler, Rebecca Kreischer, Jim Malesky, Jeanne Parisi, Bobbi Segin, Carole Varner; Robin Cooper, Moderator Debra Hart Amy Hewitt, Lori Sedlezky Enid Ablowitz, Steven Stock  
Tuesday Afternoon
1:45 - 3:15
Supporting People with Behavioral Health Needs at Home: Best Practices at the System and Individual Level Person-Centered Support as a Process of Social Invention HUD and CMS Collaborations to Create Affordable Housing Resources (MANAGED CARE STRAND) Shaping the Funding Reform Discussion in Your State Key Issues in Self-Advocacy Organizations Shared Lives: Hearing from Those Providing and Partaking of Shared Living Partnerships in Employment: Perspectives about Systems Change The State of the Science in ID/DD: Seeking Provider Perspectives Implications and Use of Innovative Technologies in Services and Supports for People with Disabilities  
George Braddock, Eddie Towson John O'Brien Kathryn King, Benjamin Metcalf, Lisa Sloane, Susannah Still; Nancy Thaler: Moderator Diane McComb, Lilia Teninty Barbara Coppens, Amy Doherty, Teresa Moore, Ricardo Thornton; Liz Weintraub, Moderator Gerry Morrissey, Katherine Thompson, Susan Robertson; Robin Cooper, Moderator John Butterworth, Karen Flippo, Rie Kennedy-Lizotte Angela Amado, Sheryl Larson Enid Ablowitz, Clayton Lewis, Greg Wellems