2014 Reinventing Quality Conference

Special Pre-Conference Session on Shared Living!

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In today’s economy, how do you support someone who requires significant supports in a way that offers community inclusion, a home of one’s choice and good people with whom to share a full life?
Shared Living accomplishes this and more!

Please join us for this one-day special session on Shared Living offered as a pre-conference session to the Reinventing Quality Conference. The Full Day Shared Living Event will be held on August 5, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. The cost is $50.

Join us to share your experiences and to learn about this unique approach to full community inclusion that allows individuals to live with and share life experiences with supportive persons, together forming a caring household. The goal of Shared Living is to enrich the lives of people who choose to live with a family or housemates and those who choose to open their homes and their hearts. We will discuss all the ways this works best. This is not your grandmother’s adult foster care! Come hear about ways to recruit, achieve great matches, keys to making this work for both people choosing this kind of support and people who offer to be house mates and who open their homes to a Shared Living experience. We will discuss the roles and responsibilities of provider agencies and resource coordination.

This session will be compelling and interactive. We hope you will participate if you are offering Shared Living opportunities through your organization or if you have thought about this innovative, inclusive approach! Leave with a ton of information and tools including a self-assessment tool to determine if your organization is prepared for Shared Living and its future.

To register, go to the conference registration – this session will be one of your options!